Erasmus University College

General description

In addition to offering a wide array of bachelor and master programs, the Erasmus University College (Erasmushogeschool Brussel, EhB) is actively involved in scientific research and collaborates with the business and industrial world.

The department of industrial science and technology at the EhB is the leading Flemish provider of industrial engineering education in Brussels.

The research group Electronics/ICT has put its focus on Wireless Sensor Networks and Embedded Systems.

Our main research is on the applicability, architectural aspects and power consumption of embedded electronic systems and wireless sensor networks.

Products & Services

Electronics and ICT research activities are focused on two tracks:
  • The first research track is on Embedded systems, i.e. high-level synthesis for Silicon on Chips (SoC) and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), computer architecture and power consumption. The main research is in the field of Dynamic Reconfigurable Computing (DRC) systems and their applications. DRC systems provide high performance computing systems with reduced power consumption, offering better efficiency and performance compared to general purpose systems.
  • The second research track focuses on the design and deployment of sensor networks and optical networks. The research is focused on the development of power-aware MAC, topology control and routing algorithms and on multi-layer traffic engineering. The unit is also active in the study, design and development of intelligent acoustic probes for use in environmental assessment.