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General description

Educa is a knowledge center for entrepreneurship and has developed along the years a wide variety of tools and resources to help entrepreneurs create and grow their businesses.

Educa also offers certification for coaches with its method based on the six main axis of the company creation: the person, the project, sales, marketing, financing and the team.

Educa has been created in 2005 by Xavier de Poorter who leads and founded ICHEC-PME in Brussels, and by Jean-François de Maere who founded Réseau-Entreprendre in Brussels. Both have a long experience in entrepreneurial coaching and benefit from a strong field of experience to build up Educa' services and value proposition.

Products & Services

TopEntrepreneur has therefore two specific parts : on the one hand it offers a diagnostic (algorithm with 62 questions offering a 360° status of your project, stating your strengths and priorities to be followed), an online “syllabus” with interesting content and knowledge along the 6 axis of the company creation and growth (the person, the project, sales, marketing, financing and the team), a long list of tools and templates to be downloaded as well as a wide variety of videos and interviews of entrepreneurs relating their own experiences.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

Replacing the currently-used hand written notes and complex Excel tables, TopEntrepreneur offers an immediate and accurate view of an entrepreneur’s project status. It is a simple and user-friendly way to effectively keep track of coaching actions with all the entrepreneurs coached and also provide useful tools to help entrepreneurs and coaches to create and grow their project in the most effective way.

Effortlessly, coaches and institutions are now able to extract automatically a variety of statistics out of their coaching activities which are precious to justify financial support they get.

We have now confirmed the efficiency of this innovative concept and the real need for it by implementing it in already more than 100 coaching centers in Belgium, France, Morocco and Burkina Faso.