EBP Business Software

  • Avenue des Cerisiers, 15 1030 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)2 737 95 90
  • Website : www.ebp-software.be
  • Contact : Luc KAHN
  • Function : Directeur Général
  • E-mail : info.be@ebp.com

General description

Software for self-employed persons and for small and medium-sized enterprises. Bookkeeping, Invoicing, stock management. Stand-alone or SQL network.

EBP proposes also solutions for professions: Accountants, construction industry, retail. EBP offers support to start, helpdesk based in Brussels and training.

Products & Services

Estimate and Billing, Business management Pro SQL, Accounting, Business Plan.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • More than 15.000 users.
  • A national distribution network
  • National presence in the wholesale (Fnac, MediaMarkt, Makro, Carrefour Planet…)
  • Well known partners (professional federations, banks, prescriber)
  • Our software is adapted for self-employed persons en small companies (1-4 persons) and medium-sized enterprises (4-50 persons).