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  • Phone : +32 (0)2 737 67 37
  • Website : www.d-sight.com

General description

D-Sight develops collaborative decision-making software solutions to help organizations make better decisions.

D-Sight solutions are used for Vendor Selection, Projects Prioritization, Environmental Impact Assessment in more than 25 countries.

We support organizations that face complex decisions with an integrated offer that includes specialized software and relevant expertise.

Products & Services

When facing a complex decision or assessment, D-Sight’s software solutions allow to take into account various factors which are often conflictive (environmental, financial, technical, etc.).

Furthermore it ensures that complex decisions are entirely justified while involving and aligning the different participants.

The solution is easy to handle, thanks to an automated workflow, based on a specific methodology and an intuitive user interface.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

The selection is enhanced by the facilitation of dynamic what-if scenarios supported by D-Sight’s calculation algorithm that proposes to allocate resources to those projects that add most combined value, in line with strategic and financial objectives.