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General description

David Goldenberg, CVTrust co-founder and CEO, in his corporate capacity, was confronted to the oft-perilous recruiting task.

Eventually he found himself exposed to a candidate who tried to fool him with fake academic achievements’ claims.

David then realized that there was a very good chance that he wouldn’t be an isolated victim. Had he learned a lesson for his own benefit or was he to react, act and alert the academic community? With his great life enthusiasm, he did react and gave life to the Smart Diploma™ concept and its overall product strategy.

Pierre-David Dewaele, CVTrust’s co-founder and CTO, joined David in with the determination to create a solution for the academic community and recruiting world. Together, they conceived Smart Diploma™.

Products & Services

Smart Diploma™ is a unique and innovative solution for the education world: fully secured and connected certified digital credentials in just a few clicks.

The basic idea was to create a digital academic passport. The goal was to make life easier for academic institutions/education bodies, graduates, alumni and recruiters by creating an easy and secure place for people to store and showcase their credentials.

Smart Diploma™ lies in connecting the learners-trainers-recruiters ecosystem through a secure, reliable and user-friendly solution.

In a world where mobility and data integrity are driving the tomorrow’s successful jobseekers, Smart Diploma™ is the smart Web 2.0 plugin powering its members with full interconnectivity with social platforms and recruiting solutions.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

Smart Diploma™ innovation lies in:
  • the production process of digital certified credentials
  • the certification and protection technologies used for academic and graduate data
  • the conception of a centralized and secured personal portfolio for graduates to collect, manage and share their certified credentials
  • the use of certified credentials as academic passport for the graduate to grant access to alumni portal, LinkedIn groups, etc.
  • the use of certified credentials as lifetime bond between academic institutions and their alumni to update their datas, keep in touch,…
We have filed a US patent for our business method of generating electronic academic credentials.