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General description

Take better grounded decisions !

By coupling massive amounts of data with an intuitive visualization tool, you’re able to better understand its meaning without any guesswork. Rather than trying to find patterns and draw conclusions from meaningless spreadsheets, introduce your data to a tool that does the work for you.

Increase sales, reduce costs by making better decisions and saving time.

Products & Services

cuBIcle is a End-to-End company working on :
  • Data acquisition : we have developped a hub where any kind of data can be upload.
  • Analytics : our cuBe collects your data, cleans, transforms, crosses your data in order to add intellingence in them.
  • Data visualization : we build some complex - but user friendly - reports in order to manage and handle all that information.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Methodology                    
  • The software architecture                    
  • The way we handle data