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General description

Crowdfly can directly target the resource wanted by consultation with a larger number of suppliers, without exclusion, while reducing this task to the management of one. Crowdfly, provides a practical and effective solution against problems related to the acquisition and management of external staff. Crowdfly can directly act on the efficiency of researches in a competitive market with an assessment of profiles based on your criteria, on the management hidden costs and on the unit price while enabling the opportunity to reach new suppliers and to contractualize directly with consultant.

Products & Services

Crowdfly is the initial platform that we have developed to give an immediate and professional answer to the issues involved in the management and the costs that companies with a large number of external associates have.

How does this platform provide a solution to the clients? Crowdfly makes it possible to consult a larger number of suppliers while reducing this task to the management of a single supplier.
1. This enables clients to transmit their mission offers to the largest number of suppliers whether freelances or personnel placement professionals (outside traditional temping agencies) without however having to actually meet them at introduction meetings and without having to make a classification of suppliers by category.
2.It allows the analysis of the offers to be completely automated. This analysis takes into account the set of factors necessary for a precise rating of the profile of a candidate in comparison with the other proposals introduced. These facts are the unit price, the availability of the candidate for the start of the mission, the correspondence of the candidate’s skills with the skills required and optionally the geographical location. Each fact analysed is automatically classified according to the weight the requester gives it. This automatic analysis thus provides a classification in real time of all the offers keyed in taking into account all the factors mentioned in the previous paragraph.
3. The possibility for the providers to see their classification and to be able to modify certain factors (price, availability, etc.) to improve their positioning in the classification of offers. The user client is certain to get the best skills available on the market at the best price possible for given level of expertise at the moment it begins to search
4. The organisation of the complete cycle of the acquisition process and the management of external personnel (planning of the interviews, evaluation of the services rendered b the contractors, signing of contracts, management of service sheets, contract renewal management, …)
5. Spontaneous and automatic communication during the award process with all those whose offers have not been successful.
6. Possibility of adding a justification zone when the head of the list has not been accepted, for the attention of the management and/or suppliers directly affected by this decision (especially necessary for the awarding process for public tenders). As the process is also automated as per the wishes of the client in order to guarantee compliance with the rules of good governance.

How is this platform dedicated to the professionals?
1. It takes account of all the factors that professional procurer wishes to analyse objectively but also the elements of transparency, fairness, objectivity and communication that is difficult to manage in a very large, highly competitive market
2. It will give a clear view in real time of the different components of the category at the level of one or several departments, companies, groups or countries.
3. It opens up new parts of the market for suppliers (big and small) without having to go prospecting The approach the entire market on the same footing of equality because the exclusion clauses aiming at reducing the administrative load are irrelevant with Crowdfly

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • In automated operational management :
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  • As a network giving form to these opportunities.