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General description

Connectis was founded by Christophe Genge and Nicolas Demuynck – one from the world of sales and marketing, the other from the world of IT engineers.

They succeeded in turning their differences into a strength, and their complementarity enabled Connectis to grow quickly and on firm foundations.

Today, Connectis continues to evolve with these two components to offer you technically faultless solutions at the best possible prices negotiated with our various suppliers.

Connectis offers you peace of mind by guaranteeing you trained, certified personnel and hardware at an attractive price, without making any compromise on quality.

Products & Services

Connectis is an IT company of excellence that places the values of advice, flexibility and proximity at the heart of its relations with its clients and partners.

At Connectis, we believe the choice of a partner should be made in accordance with the business philosophy, and that IT should be driven by passion.

This is why it is our duty to provide you with an efficient, stable tool that is appropriate to your needs, so that you can develop your ideas and projects to the highest possible standards.

Working with Connectis means developing a partnership over the long term and formulating an optimal strategy together.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

We begin all our projects by listening carefully to the specific problems and characteristics of each client. It is not unusual for us to visit the proposed site in order to observe the working procedures of the people who use, or will use, the tool.

Following this preliminary phase, and after discussion with the IT department, these elements lead us into a phase of thorough analysis of the best solutions to be offered to our clients. It is also at this stage that we define the processes we will put in place to avoid any “nasty surprises”.

It is only in the final stage that we will choose the best hardware and the best technological approaches, based on our conclusions. It is essential to us that we always preserve this independence, so that we can guarantee a choice appropriate to the client’s needs, rather than one dictated by a single partnership.



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