Charte eTIC Benelux

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General description

The eICT Charter is a Code of practice launched in 2004 and initiated by various ICT players. It governs the business relationship between ICT service providers and their customers (SME, self-employed persons, public bodies, but it does not include large firms and multinationals).

The Code of Conduct applies to all commercial and contractual relations negotiated between a customer and a supplier. Over 900 firms in Belgium and in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg have voluntarily signed up to the Charter.

Products & Services

The Code sets out series of rules assuring that commercial practices remain professional and ethical in the ICT industry.

This Code of Conduct is since its beginning generating fairer contracts that are better defined by both parties and therefore resisting more successfully through the time.

This charter is now becoming so popular that many SMEs, as well as public authorities (local councils), are now asking their ICT suppliers whether they have signed up to the ‘eTIC’ Code of Conduct before signing any kind of contract.