• Rue des Frères Wright 29 bte 3 6041 Charleroi
  • Phone : +32 71 49 07 56
  • Website : www.cetic.be

General description

CETIC is the Belgian ICT applied research centre dedicated to support industry.

Thanks to its neutral and independent positioning, and backed by the high level of expertise gained in various R&D projects, and at the heart of ICT innovation, CETIC provides first-hand expertise in software engineering, service-oriented technologies, cloud, optimization, semantics and embedded systems.

Products & Services

Collaborative R&D : we support companies in their R&D activities by complementing the expertise of their teams, and help them integrate breakthrough technologies into their R&D

Assistance to IT project owners : We help manage internal and external IT development projects, with the objective of ensuring that projects are completed within the timeframe set and with the expected quality standards. We act as the technical “architect” of a project, performing quality checks of the work of IT suppliers and of the overall project follow-up.

Technical advice : We carry out technology assessments and audits of methods, products and tools, and give advice on innovative technologies (Rfid, Android, Cloud/SOA, Semantic Web concepts, etc.).

Design & prototyping : We help in the design and building of prototypes, in the case of SOA/cloud solutions or embedded systems, for example, including software, hardware and communication, and even Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs).

IT project quality improvement : We help improve the quality of software development processes and products to better fit a company’s initial requirements and expectations, using sets of methodologies and tools, like Cosmic, for example.

Certification process : (DO178B/Common Criteria, GAMP, etc.): We provide support and assistance to companies to help them meet their security and safety standards objectives.