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General description

CarASAP is a start-up that connects vehicles to professional drivers with its customers, primarily businesses, via advanced technology. Reservations can be made online, via mobile app or phone.
CarASAP mission is to achieve legally, displacements both affordable, comfortable and reliable. CarASAP is positioned as an alternative to car and driver services "classic" and the company car. The objective of CarASAP is to promote a multimodal approach of vehicles, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions and to decongest the roads. A similar service exists in Paris and London, it was a great success.

Products & Services

CarASAP arises as a solid alternative, offering all the benefits of an innovative and effective technology.

1. Revitalize the SLC sector: There are two markets in the regulated sector of transport demand. One taxi which has a monopoly for what concerns the taking-the-fly client and booking. And that, misunderstood, SLC sharing with taxis monopoly reservation. The objective of CarASAP is to revitalize the  SLC sector.

2. Increase the availability of vehicles: CarASAP optimizes connections between drivers and users through an efficient data processing of its users and drivers; control of its fleet allows CarASAP ensure continuity of service.

3. Ensuring a reasonable price: the average price of a CarASAP race is more interesting than the price of a taxi. Furthermore, unlike taxis, fares are negotiable SLC because unregulated.

4. Provide predictability: the amount of the fare is calculated once and for all before getting into the car. The race finished, the user receives an electronic invoice.

5. Provide a high-quality service and personalized: the CarASAP drivers are all holders SLC license. They are recruited for their professionalism and are formed by CarASAP. The vehicles offered by CarASAP are own luxury vehicles. CarASAP provides water bottles, phone chargers, etc.

6. Enable automated payment: the user does not need cash or credit card to complete the transaction. Payment is automatically debit his credit card.

7. Provide intercity: The majority of vehicles circulating daily in Brussels are taken by commuters. Unlike taxis and image of SLC, CarASAP is not subject to regulatory restrictions or additional costs (zone 2) depending on the region in which the care or transportation of passengers is performed.

8. Submit a formula dedicated to companies: CarASAP includes an offering dedicated to businesses, in a logic of cost reduction and reduction of the fleet of company vehicles. Indeed, more and more employees wish to increase their purchasing power rather than take advantage of the benefit in kind linked to the detention of a company vehicle. In addition, the tax benefit of company cars as part of the corporate tax decreases for business. The offer of CarASAP companies does not involve subscription or fixed costs. CarASAP also offers both "event" that help provide quality transport guests or clients, with or without cost to the organizer.

9. To contribute to solving the problems of mobility: CarASAP part in Regulation mobility problems identified by the government, with which it collaborates. For individuals and businesses, CarASAP allows a transition to a flexible and combined use of various means of transport in possession or available to users.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  •    Increase the availability of vehicles  
  •    Ensuring a reasonable price
  •    Provide predictability
  •    Enable automated payment
  •    To contribute to solving the problems of mobility