Business GPS

General description

Business GPS® is a new company based in Brussels and active in the collective
intelligence for large companies. It was formed in response to a call for tenders
in 2011 by the Brussels authorities looking for innovative projects.

Products & Services


software that enables companies and their managers to better brainstorm and boost their own efficiency. Business GPS ® combines the advantages of a modern collaborative platform with a powerful GPS calculation, as in cars. Because to do more with less, and overcome many complex challenges in business environments, there is only one way: we must find a more effective shortcut to get the best from employees and managers.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Business GPS® shall address a universal need, expressed by many companies
  • It helps the management of an organization grow their business, make better decisions, much faster, based on know-how and strengths acquired
  • Very effective software in all kind of decision-making areas, such as public and private companies, governments, politics, consulting firms, NGOs, national defense, and the team tested also within trade unions.
  • A business account means that all employees and managers can access the software and create their own personal workspace.
  • Do not hesitate to visit, and register your company.