BTR Services

General description

BTR Services is a Belgian ICT consultancy company. We offer smart business solutions and assist businesses throughout their daily activities. We are specialized in the dynamics of challenging environments:

Products & Services

BTR Services offers typical ict services to the Belgian Banks en Insurance companies. These services include development, business consulting, testing, project management, etc.
Besides the services we represent state of the art solutions in the Belgian market like Zyncro (Enterprise Social Network), Copernicus (EAI solution), BetaSystems (Enterprise security), Mats (Low code development tool).
Since our start we also develop solutions, implement them at some first clients and than spinoff the solution as a startup. An example of this is the Connective company specialized in Document generation and Signing. Our new initiative, Paperless Office, is an in the cloud basic ERP system for service companies.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Product company incubator
  • New development frameworks
  • Paperless organization