General description

Bridgewater is Belgian company created in 2009 focuses on non-strategic cost reductions and operational optimisation in companies. Our company has a lot of references with large companies in Belgium and is now expanding his activities in Europe.

Products & Services

Based on a benchmarking tool developed internally, our company is able to have a quick and precise overview on the non-strategic costs (Energy, IT, HR, Logistics, Facility and Insurances) to advise our client for the optimization of its costs.

Our services are used mainly by medium-sized and large companies (> 100 employees) in order to succeed in the implementation of a strong cost reduction strategy. We help clients to negotiate, we offer recommendations and we implement practical solutions.

Our main areas of activities are the following:
- Real estate : solutions towards facility managers
- IT : innovations solutions - Energy: innovating solutions, support to negotiate energy contracts
- HR: visibility on HR costs
- Logistics: management of the flows
- Office supplies: support for finding the best market prices
- Insurance : optimal coverage
- Catering
- Marketing

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Unique software on the market 
  • Reporting tool 
  • Large database of information