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General description

Botwiser is a Brussels-based award-winning startup company which develops chatbot and voicebot solutions for business.

Botwiser is selected for the Start@KBC and Facebook FbStart startup program. FbStart is a global startup program from Facebook designed to help developers build and grow their products.

Products & Services

Guidewiser ( Guidewiser is a cross-platform messenger based virtual assistant which helps hotels and short-term rentals provide better travel experience to their guests. Guidewiser helps to reduce costs and save time by automation of business processes (pre-arrival, during stay and post-stay). Guidewiser also helps to improve communication with customers and increases customer engagement. Hotels can provide unique travel experience by providing internal and partners' services based on guest profile and location. With this product we won MIC Grand Prize.

Enigmoo ( - Enigmoo is a tool which helps tourism offices, museums and event agencies engage users in a new and innovative way. Enigmoo is chatbot as service (BAAS) platform. With this product we won Emakina chatbot Hackathon.

Eventumbot ( - Chatbot powered event management platform which helps event organisers who want to save resources on event management, provide better service to event participants and help them better collaborate. Bot provides attendees with event information and resources quickly and conversationally.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

Our solutions is powered by advanced natural language processing, machine learning, sentiment analysis and Geo-location technologies.