• Avenue Brugmann, 611 1180 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)2 646 46 64
  • Website :
  • Contact : Jean-David DE LATHOUWER
  • Function : Business Development Manager
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General description

Blue4You is a trend-setting interactive communication agency located in Brussels. ‘Fine Art in Web Technologies” is what we stand for.

Our approach revolves around the combination of 3 essential skills: Strategy, Creativity and Technology.

Blue4You develops rich customer-tailored communication tools delivering strong results to an increasing range of institutional and corporate customers, not to mention a selection of innovative in-house projects that are constantly on the move.

Products & Services

Nomadmailer is a made-to-measure multi-user, multi-language, multi-level e-newsletter generation tool allowing to blend inputs from a central organisation with those of its local relays.

As such, Nomad allows a central organisation to address the end-readers in their own languages with a mix of general themes and local issues; in line with Communication Beet Practices.

Amongst other features, Nomad allows a central organisation to:
  • Manage its library of e-newsletters
  • Create an eye catching html newsletter
  • Share it with its local relays to adapt some contents
  • Manage all lists of subscribers
  • Send, on the fly, all modified versions of the newsletter; this centrally or locally
  • Enrich the communication with add-ons such as statistics, polls, thematic forums or comments

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

Nomadmailer is a multi-level/multi-user/multi-language e-newsletter generation platform allowing to build e-newsletters that may gather central (originating from the ‘parent” organization) and local originating from the “children” organizations) inputs in many different languages.