AMIA Systems

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General description

A “Université Libre de Bruxelles” spin-off company who delivers solutions applying material-flow optimization using Cellular Manufacturing methods, key enabler of increased production velocity and flexibility while reducing the capital requirements.

Products & Services

SIMOGGA™ is a graphical material-handling system allowing engineers to optimize a factory layout based on a global flow analysis using few amount of data. The flow analysis uses the product information (batch size, setup time, process) and the machine features (capacity, capability) to generate machine repartition and evaluate material flow distances and the charge on each machine.

SIMOGGA™ optimizes functional, job-shop and process layouts by converting them into working cells or departments

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Need few amounts of data to perform the analysis compared to simulation tools available on the market
  • Real-time evaluation of material flow distances allowing direct interactions with the customer while proposing scenarios
  • Quasi-automatic identification of product families manufactured by the customer
  • Fast identification of machines suffering under and over-capacity
  • Producing 2-Dimensional factory layouts everyone can understand