General description

We observe that organizations suffer from high people disengagement and distrust, and operate in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment. We believe today’s crisis is no longer temporary but structural, and requires new solutions. We are born to reinvest vitality within organizations, to make them capable of adaptation and innovation AGILEmaker develops and implements with its clients the New Performance, a Performance based on cooperation and autonomy which lead to innovation and continuous adaptation

Products & Services


We co-develop and implement the new performance, based on collective intelligence, autonomy, cooperation and meaning, leading to continuous innovation and adaptation, our motto is to re-enchant the performance! SENSE : Appropriately sensing and anticipating changes in the environment - Inspiration about agility, Innovation, team dynamics, leadership, digitalisation, new business models & ecosystems via Workshops & Trainings - Assessment of the situation at organization, team, and/or individual level - Performance management and Visual management STRATEGIZE : Based on captured signals, designing the most appropriate collective plan - Co-design of collective referential (Mission, Values, Vision, Governing principles) - Co-design of a plan with translation into projects - Strategy through experiments and prototyping - Setup of an Agile strategy process ADAPT : Delivering the plan while adapting it in uncertain conditions - Participative modes of governance - Organizational re-design to increase collective intelligence - Organizational development - Agile Project and Change management for innovations and/or large social impacts - Design and execution of experimentations to learn rapidly and cheaply - Practices to reinforce collaboration and autonomy - Development of Agile leaders


Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Organizational agility methodology
  • Agility assessment tools at personal, team and company level
  • Digitalization methodology
  • Set up of technological platforms in Public-Private Partnership.