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General description

Advanco is a international player in the integration of solutions for Item Level Serialization and Track-and-Trace in many sectors (Pharma, Food, etc). Advanco was founded by Olgun Yenersoy in 1981.

Products & Services

Specialized in the Serialization and Tracking in the Pharma, Food and Consumer Products industries, Advanco implements end-to-end solutions based on its turn-keys systems. We had a lot of projets in Turkey for the Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting. We  have installed our software "Arc".
Advanco is recognized SAP Partner.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

Since its creation, Advanco has always been at the forefront of innovation in order to answer continually elvolving needs. The R&D budgets invested by Advanco are well above average, even for the technological sector.