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  • Contact : Allan SEGEBARTH
  • Function : General Manager
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General description

Created in 2007 by a team with more than 10 years of experience in the online advertising and web development sector, AdLogix provides an end-to-end resource management solution for the different participants in the process of selling premium digital advertising inventory.
We focus on process optimization, active inventory management, work flow management and business analysis & reporting.

Products & Services

Adlogix is an end-to-end business process optimization solution optimizing and streamlining the process of selling and managing premium online advertising space. It works in conjunction with our client’s ad server, CRM system, billing system and other legacy systems.

Build around 4 operational pillars - sales management, inventory control, workflow management and in-depth reporting —Adlogix presents the user an easy to use model to calculate and plan online campaigns.

By tracking ordered, pre-ordered and free inventory, our tool optimizes and manages the available ad-inventory and accelerates the sales cycle.
The reporting module presents the different stake holders in the company with customizable strategic, financial and operational reports

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Digital media trading automation
  • API for easy integration
  • Continuous R&D
  • Process oriented
  • Cost reducing and revenue generating solution for digital publishers