ActiStream Belgique

  • Rue Joseph Loossens 15 1090 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)475 256 478
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General description

ActiStream Belgium is a company that integrates ICT services in temporary telecommunications systems that capture and broadcast live video. Our solution uses the resources, the technology and the possibilities offered by Internet.

ActiStream Belgium optimized technical architecture offering customers the opportunity to realize, transmit and share their programs live via satellite or fiber optic cable. The technicalities of the Web and the broadcast allow us to offer affordable and flexible services for each project.

ActiStream Belgium "Connect" develops solutions for interactive communications, manages the server infrastructure from coding to the multi-platform distribution.

Creating a network live broadcast HD is now as simple as sending a mail!

Products & Services

Our Services are: Live Video Capture Achieving duplex, featuring N- 1 (GSM or VoIP); Capture up to 8 video inputs, based on report cameras , DSLR or cinéstyle. Possibility of correcting images from 100 meters; The workflow also features remote station for director (standard optical fiber 250 meters ) and a Stagebox centralizing all video inputs / outputs and audio (standard optical fiber 250 meters) in the place of capture; Capture and audio recording; Acquisition SDI / cards ( SxS / P2) - Video editing on Final Cut Pro - Voice over.

Video webcast Satellite transmission link, ADSL - SDSL , copper. Broadcast standards HD 1920 x 1080i (2-8 or 16 SDI embedded audio tracks ); Design IP video project; Real-time encoding ( simultaneous multi formats ) or delayed (VOD); Design of specific applications for broadcasting.

ActiStream Connect Consultancy in strategy for multi platforms audiovisual project integration; Consultancy and design of video platforms and interactive projects; Management of targeted advertising with cross-platform integration; Management process of encoding and transcoding multiple platforms; Space management servers for hosting and disseminating mass videos (CDN).

Temporary telecommunication Installation and management of Internet, Wifi and temporary VoIP networks based on satellite links. Installation and management of wireless bridges for the transport network (1 Gbps) over a distance of 10 km.