8th Color

  • Rue des Pères Blancs, 4 1040 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)2 318 03 52
  • Website : www.8thcolor.com

General description

8th color is a Belgian IT company. We think that Better Coders make Better Software. PullReview, our new product, helps Ruby developers to improve their code and themselves by providing them fast and automated code reviews.

Products & Services

PullReview generates fast and automated code reviews, providing developers with insights and action points about the code they just wrote, helping them to improve their coding skills and their project quality.

Targets : Ruby and Rails developers hosting their code on GitHub.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

We are able to run automatically several checks on the provided code, and transform each detected issue in a clear action to take. We are able to focus on the code the developer just wrote, instead of the whole code base, thus emphasizing the day to day improvements. Our software does not require any installation and can be started with a simple click.