• Vaartstraat, 61 1000 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)2 217 58 68
  • Website : www.3e.eu
  • Contact : Werner COPPYE
  • Function : CTO
  • E-mail : info@3E.eu

General description

3E is an internationally recognised technical advisor in renewable energy and energy performance optimization.

We provide consultancy services and software products, serving investors, project developers and product developers with unique expertise in resource modeling, system design, development and operation, and financial and contractual optimisation.

At the crossroads between research and the market, we pursue the latest innovations and provide energy intelligence and practical solutions for our customers.

Since 2009, we provide a software-as-a-service solution for operational management and business reporting of renewable energy portfolios called SynaptiQ.

Products & Services

SynaptiQ is an independent, evolutive software suite for asset management of renewable energy portfolios.

Designed for developers, investors, operators and asset managers of renewable energy power plants, the SynaptiQ suite is composed of tools for:

  • Real-time monitoring of resource assessment campaigns
  • Advanced, independent data capture & analysis for any equipment on a renewable energy production site from any manufacturer
  • Performance evaluations and benchmarking
  • O&M planning, troubleshooting & issue tracking
  • Investor or management reporting
  • Independent short term production forecasting

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

SynaptiQ is unique in that it combines expert knowledge gathered from 3E’s 15 year track record of consultancy work in renewable energy and state of the art research carried out by 3E’s research laboratory. It is meant as a practical tool based on the latest research and models in renewable energy.

The platform’s key value lies in its independence: it gathers data from any equipment on site regardless of manufacturer for any system configuration and includes independent benchmarks and performance simulations developed by 3E and trusted by banks and investors.