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Open positions : Software Engineer - Business Analyst -

We are irreverent, unconventional, not corporate, we wear sweaters and sneakers, we cherish life balance. We like food, drinks, everything that make us laugh and anything that thrills.

We love trains. We love life! What else… yes… chocolate, very important good chocolate!

We are constantly looking for new candidates to join our team.

If you are motivated and recognize yourself in the following positions, please contact us for an interview!

Open positions (descriptions below):

Software Engineer

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You have a Bachelor or a Master degree in Computer Science or Software EngineeringYou have gained 1 to 5 years’ experience in development (C, C# and/or C++); Knowledge of electronic/telecom/Linux(Unix) is an assetAn experience in the rail industry would be very appreciatedThrough your experience, proactivity, autonomy, communication skills and willingness, you succeed in gaining the necessary trust from your team’s colleaguesFluency in French and English is required. Knowledge of Dutch or any other European language is a plus

Business Analyst

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You have a Master degree or a PhD in Computer Science, Engineering, Sciences or Management SciencesYou have a solid background in software development using the Java and/or the .NET stacksYou have already gained a few years of experience in a client-oriented environment and have demonstrated an efficient communication, not only to understand the customers’ needs and activities, but also to solve potential issues and maintain this excellent communicationYou have excellent abstract reasoning and complex problem-solving skillsAn experience in the rail industry would be a plusKnowledge of the standards OWL, RDF and SWRL is a plusFluency in English is required. Knowledge of French, Dutch or any other European language is a big plus


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