Become a member

Who can be a member ?

COMPANIES: High-growth potential SMEs based in Brussels active in the software industry wishing to expand globally and ready to contribute actively to the cluster dynamic.

PARTNERS: Any public, private and academic organisations active in the software sector wishing to partner with us to increase the added-value of our member companies.

EXPERTS: Any individual who possesses a solid and recognised expertise, who is willing to voluntarily share his knowledge and passion to our member companies.

The membership is free of charge but we ask our members to commit seriously to the cluster dynamic.


Why should you as a company become  a member of the cluster?

  • To get support to start your dream & integrate the Brussels tech startup ecosystem
  • To discover, collaborate and grow within the Brussels software community
  • To find partners worldwide and boost your international sales
  • To share expertise and ideas within specialized think-tanks to create tomorrow's technological world
  • To enhance your management skills and define the best strategy to increase your competitiveness
  • To find the best developers and the technical expertise you need to grow your business
  • To discover new business opportunities
  • Be visible in the community and around the world

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