workshop - Discovering Augmented reality

Aim of the worshop

The objective of this program is to provide the participants with an insight on the augmented reality world: what is AR and how to prototype it?

It will include an overview of both the augmented reality market opportunities and the augmented reality technology state of the art. Through examples and live demos, the participants will understand the different methodologies used to create augmented reality and be able to evaluate when they are the most effective. The program will also include specifics on augmented reality projects (advice and pitfalls) based on the case study of Villers Abbey. Storytelling is at the core of this project and AR helped bring the story alive:

Finally half of the day will be spent in prototyping an AR experience. Participants will be asked prior to the program to provide with user cases that could be solved during the workshop. At the end of the day, each participant should have created a working prototype that could be used as a mock-up to develop an app.

Target audience

Product managers, application developers, CTOs, digital media producers. Disclaimer: this program won't teach you how to program an augmented reality app but how to design it. However, some technical questions will be discussed (frequently used framework, available SDK in the market...)

Program overview

Discovering Augmented Reality (3h)

Introduction to Augmented Reality – AR vs VR (30')

The AR business market – focus on numbers (30')

Coffee break

Technological solutions available on the market – software and hardware (45')

Leading an augmented reality project: the case of Villers Abbey - how AR can help bring a story alive? (45')

Lunch break (1h)

Workshop: Designing your augmented reality project (3h)

Based on user cases that participants will provide in advance, the participants will be invited to create in groups their own augmented reality prototypes. Following the design thinking methodology, the session will include iterations of interviews, brainstorming and prototyping. (2h45)¨ʺ

Program wrap-up (15')

Your hosts :

Yoann Chasme

Yoann obtained a master degree in digital media project management after having studied at both Michigan State University (USA) and Telecom Ecole de Management (France). He started out as a project manager in the e-learning industry before he discovered the tourism industry during a trip around the world. He then worked during 4 years in Canada and France in the entertainment industry leading innovative media project. Most of them were led at 44screens, media agency specialized in augmented reality, where he was in charge of the main projects and also of the product called “Augmented visits”.

César Lapuente

César has worked 20+ years in innovative technologies with the objective of helping people improving the society. He worked on many different technologies: geolocation, process management automation and now new virtual and augmented reality through mobile and interactive solution. César is currently director of 44screens France and leader of an industrial project in France and Spain. This project will help grocery stores to better sort their vegetables thanks to augmented reality.

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Date : Nov. 16, 2017