MIC Boostcamp #12 Kick-Off - September 19, 2017

Join us for the Kick Off of the Boostcamp #12, on the 19th of September.

The objective of the Kick-Off is to provide you with a condensed version of the Boostcamp, in order to help you define if our program is suitable for your IT project.

This full-day workshop will be led by Ben Piquard and Roald Sieberath head coach of the Boostcamp program. Validation of your registration will only be confirmed once you have completed a short questionnaire on your IT project.

For this Boostcamp edition, we are glad to announce that we partnered with Hoolders, a famous co-funding platform. The Final, in January, will include a fundraising event live, the perfect opportunity to raise interest and money among potential investors! Hoolders will share more info during the Kick-off so make sure you attend if you're interested!


This program consists of a series of hands-on, practical workshops in key areas of knowledge for starting entrepreneurs (Business Model, Sales, Marketing, Finance, practical aspects). It will include sparring sessions with experts from a wide variety of backgrounds. Eight startups will have the chance to continue the program after the semifinal and be one step closer to the final. See the agenda of the previous Boostcamp here.


Entrepreneurship is a profession in its own right, and to be successful you need to gain a lot of fundamental experience that you are most likely not even aware of in todays world. Boostcamp provides you with a crash course in these fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

This intensive program will guide you with a step-by-step journey and help you make quick progress on your project – if your project hasn’t progressed in a while, we’ll definitely help you move forward.

Most importantly, we focus on practice, not on theory – so you will really be able to gain a hands on experience with all of our practices. You also will have fantastic opportunities to discuss your project with experts, experienced entrepreneurs and potential investors; and get personalized, in-depth feedback from them.


Any technology startup in the Brussels region (or intending to establish a business in the Brussels region) can qualify for Boostcamp.

The program is designed for entrepreneurs who have built a prototype of their product, or are still thinking how to start their business. We also help young companies that have just been launched, but are still struggling to find a working business model and build their first revenues.


Check out this video of the Boostcamp 10's Kick-Off to better understand what it is all about!

Date : Sep. 19, 2017