Master class devops

DevOps is an Agile approach to bridge the gap between development and operation to deliver
value faster and more reliable.
It highlights the collaboration of Development and Operations in the delivery lifecycle. It is a set
of best practices that enables the business to deliver value. It is a process for enabling
continuous work practices.
For Who?
The DevOps Awareness will be interesting for all people from IT teams such as developers,
service developers, operations, product owners, scrum masters, project managers, process
managers, technical managers, lean practitioners, and testers.
15 people / workshop
The Goal

The aim of this Awareness is to learn about continuous integration, delivery and deployment
principles. The daily collaboration and communication practices between development and
operations will also be discussed.
The workshop will permit to answer the question « How do we set up DevOps topologies ? » &
will be facilitated thanks to the sketch noting.

• DevOps mindset and principles
• Lifecycle management
• Continuous delivery and integration
• Collaboration and scaling
• Adoption patterns and anti-patterns
• Optional (depending on the audience) : Tools demo

Wemanity Team for this Master class :

Ninon Stref – Social & Digital Sales
Team facilitation and Wemanity SPOC
Fearless and dynamic business developer, Ninon is focused on delivering
added value. How?
By fostering communication and enabling people to success.

Luc Fourestier – Agile & DevOps Coach Senior
Organisation, Team & Development Coaching
Luc constantly promotes the Agile (and DevOps for IT) culture wherever he is in
mission, encouraging collaborations, self-organization, empowerment and quality

Clément Toukal – Success Facilitator
Weniversity Training Center
Clément delivers trainings to companies and
empowers our community with the knowledge and
skills to operate in a fast-moving world.

Date : Apr. 23, 2018