Hack Belgium 2018

► What the heck is Hack Belgium!?

Never heard of Hack Belgium before? It's Belgium's biggest hackathon. Goal is to 'hack' 12 societal challenges. With 1000 participants. Who create & launch new projects. In 3 days time. On 26>27>28 April 2018 to be precise.

For individuals, it's the best place to make your professionals dreams a reality. Nowhere else do you have access to so much inspiration, support and technology, packed in a 3-day program, to help you find an idea or turn your existing crazy idea into an amazing project that could shape your professional life for years to come

For companies, Hack Belgium is the key to your future success. It boosts all your open innovation capabilities. You'll connect with the cream of Belgium's innovation ecosystem and you'll kickstart collaborative innovation projects that will make you not only survive but thrive in the upcoming wave of technological disruption.

► What you get for your bucks.

It’s great to be a part of an event that aims to make the world a better place. But if you’re paying for it, what do you get in return?

- 140 workshops on business, design and technology. 
- Networking sessions with 200+ experts. 
- Seeing 10 technologies from up close. 
- A new project that brings you new business and effectively tackles society’s issues. 
- Meeting and working with new people, meaning new partnerships and new clients. 
- Catering and other perks depend on which ticket you buy. Check out the ticket descriptions.

For corporate tickets, please contact us directly at

Individuals with financial constrains can apply via supporting organizations or directly to

We are really much looking forward to see you all there! 

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Tricia, Tjorven, Frank, Michael, Kira, Leo, Deepak, Justina, Pieter, Magda, Timothée, Wilma and Margot.

Date : Apr. 26, 2018