bHack To School training for software developers in Belgium 16-27th of October 2017

bHack To School means 2 weeks of +20 technical workshops for software developers in Brussels and the rest of Belgium, organised from 16-27th of  October 2017 by Hackages, a company specialized in advanced training for web & mobile developers.

Absolute experts in their domain like Ben Lesh (author of RxJS 5), Evan You (creator of VueJS), Tracy Lee (RxJS contributor), Brian Holt (React expert), Alexey Kureev (React Native collaborator), Mike Hartington (Ionic team) and many more will be among the mentors during bHack To School. They will share their knowledge through advanced technical training programs around JavaScript, Angular, React, TypeScript, React Native, NodeJS, VueJS, RxJS and other new technologies. bHack To School offers intensive HackCamp software development training programs of 2 up to 6 days or HackDay courses of one full day. 

To become a full stack web and/or mobile developer in several technologies at once, it’s possible to combine the courses in discounted training bundles.  Subscribe for a bHack To School training to learn from the best and to boost your web & mobile developer skills to an all-time high! 

For an overview of all courses, more info and subscriptions check

Date : Oct. 16, 2017